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Join the CSG

What’s different about the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm?

Today there are many more CSAs, farmers markets, and organic food options in supermarkets. With all those choices, why join the Community Supported Garden?

  • Value: Generously sized shares, year-round produce, overall incomparable quality. Members also have access to our own grains, flours, and beans, and a variety of products from other neighboring farms.
  • Community: Come and experience the diversity of our beautiful farm. Get to know your neighbors and farmers, reconnect to the land, pick a bouquet, visit the playground, attend special events, and support your wellbeing.
  • Sustainability: We grow primarily for our members and not for the market, so all our growing decisions emphasize what’s good for the land. Members and farmers share in the risks and benefits of having a farm.
  • Experience: We’ve been here since 1988, and our  farmers are experts, with about 60 years of sustainable farming experience combined.
  • Education: We have a strong and effective apprenticeship program that trains several future farmers every year. School groups regularly visit the farm.
  • Stewardship: We use biodynamic and organic farming practices, which includes compost, cover crops, crop rotation, biodiversity and beneficials. We actively participate in the seed saving movement.