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We would like to thank the many shareholders who took the time to complete the CSG survey last fall. We got 261 responses, which was about a 50% response. This was fantastic. 

Some background information: This survey was conducted by the CSG Board of Trustees, which consists of all our farmers (three full-time and one part-time) and six member/volunteers.  

The trustees, who are charged with overseeing the farm’s short- and long-term health, constantly weigh a variety of factors from year to year. We agreed it was important to take the time to get feedback from as many members as possible to help with decision-making. There was no particular problem or concern that led to doing this survey.  

This was a short 13-question survey. Some answers were open-ended, but the majority was not. Many multiple-choice questions included a comment box for individual explanation and clarification. We got a lot of good suggestions and comments, and we have read them all.  

As for your suggestions pertaining to what food and varieties are grown, we thank you for your feedback. Just to be clear, the trustees as a group do not tell the farmers what or how much to grow, as our farmers have the expertise to  balance many factors when reaching those decisions. However, the likes and desires of our members are important to the success of our CSA, so we appreciate your opinions.  

Results a nutshell (without the decimal points):

  • We were happy to learn that the great majority (98%) of respondents were either extremely or moderately satisfied with their share this season.
  • Most (84%) plan to become members again this season.
  • Most of us (97%) find the staff and volunteers extremely or very helpful and friendly.
  • Most (98%) agree that the farm is a significant factor in their overall health.  
  • While there is room for growth in our communication skills, 91% thought we did either extremely or very well with our outreach.
  • Finally, the most common reason for joining the CSG identified by members was “obtaining food grown without chemicals” (96.2%) with the second most important reason “obtaining high quality, fresh, delicious food” close behind at 95.8%.  

With the decimal points: Linked here are the more detailed results. Thanks again for the feedback!