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Oct. 2, 2013

mitchmorrison1As promised, the Gala celebrating the CSG at Genesis Farm’s 25th anniversary was a memorable enchanted evening with so much to be thankful for. Perfect weather, the large white tent situated in our magnificent fields overlooking the Kittatinny Ridge on one side, surrounded by long rows of winter beets, winter carrots, fall broccoli, cabbage heads soon to become sauerkraut for winter nourishment, leeks, and trellised tomatoes reminding us that summer is lingering this year. Our small flock of hens in their movable coop in the distance. Long windrows of compost, our gold that feeds our soils, our crops and our community on another side. Cover crops of Sudan Grasses and Sun Hemp, gracing the fields in preparation for winter, one of our ways of giving back to the land that gives us so much, and a beautiful row of cheerful sunflowers that were seeded by the children in our Farm Camp in mid-July in anticipation of the event.


The Gala was lovingly orchestrated by long-time members Kendrya Close, Lisa Kelly and Laura Corio. It started with an email to all our members calling for a meeting for anyone interested in planning some kind of a fundraising dinner in the fields, one of three celebrations honoring a quarter of a century as a CSA. Kendrya, Lisa and Laura came to the meeting, took the ball and ran with it. Within days, Kendrya had lined up 8 amazing enthusiastic local chefs, each ready to create a special course and an appetizer using only local sustainable ingredients mostly from our fields. All the chefs donated their time and energy. Wow! What a feast they created! Click here for a peek at the menu.

Kendrya was also responsible for our team of volunteers, consisting of current and past apprentices, board members, our own grown children, members and friends. In a matter of minutes, she trained a willing team of enthusiastic servers, parking attendants and soux chefs. As they put it: it was a blast! Thanks for all that good energy. Kendrya is one phenomenal organizer!

kendallmills2Lisa Kelly created a beautiful journal to commemorate the event. She also organized all the rentals of which there were many. Tent, dishes, tables, chairs, porta johns, etc. etc. Lisa took responsibility for all the outreach and publicity. The event was sold out with a long waiting list. So much detail, so many talents.


Laura Stephan-Corio gifted us with her creative writing in the journal. A taste of who we are…a bit of CSG history, some biographies. She took responsibility for the fundraising recruitment in the form of advertising for the journal. A copy of the journal is in the distribution center for all to see. You can also download one here.

mitchmorrison2The afternoon began with farm tours, tasty appetizers, and specially mixed cocktails using local spirits and farm ingredients. The three sets of long tables were set with white linens, colorful bouquets of flowers from our PYO flower beds, candles, and surrounded by 130 joyful festive supportive friends of the farm. Everything and everyone was glowing.

kendallmills3Our band of musicians, led by our own Len Mooney on keyboard and vocals, accompanied by Drew Sicliano on drums, Erin McClelland on guitar, our own Dave McNulty on sax, and Tim Carbone on violin were a perfect accompaniment to a very special evening. They brought beauty, love, harmony, creativity, soulfulness, spirit, and of course fun, to the fields and the Gala.

mitchmorrison3Villa Milagro, a sustainable vineyard right here in Warren County, paired their exquisite wines with the courses. Thank you

Our trusty babysitters Muriel and Athena kept the children happy while moms and dads were enjoying the occasion. Thanks so much.

See more photos taken by the very talented Sandy and Mitch Morrison and Kendall Mills. Thank you for taking and sharing these!

Now… onward to our next event… coming soon…save the date…

Sunday Oct. 20th
1pm-night time.