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 Join the 2024 Apprentice Program!




 Join our Apprenticeship Program for the 2024 season!  Here is Karen Clark’s 2-minute video of the season through the eyes of an apprentice.

One of the oldest and most respected CSAs in the country is seeking apprentices for its 2024 season. Our CSA biodynamically manages more than 125 acres on farmland (under Farmland Preservation) in northwestern New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap. There are 20 acres in production, which includes vegetables, berries, fruits, flowers and grain. 

Applicants for the Apprenticeship Program should be seeking a hands-on learning experience on a production-oriented farm. Good physical condition and pleasant attitude are required. Candidates should have a willingness to learn organic, sustainable and biodynamic farming methods. We offer apprentices their own room and board, stipend, shared lunches, educational opportunities, and involvement in farm events in exchange for 50 hours of work per week. Apprenticeship housing is in an old farmhouse on the farm. It is recommended that applicants visit the farm to evaluate the suitability of the position. 

Apprentices will learn about full-season CSA, how to grow and maintain a diverse variety of vegetables, have opportunities in community events and workshops, and how to steward the land with sustainable farming practices. In our program, we strive to teach good work habits so apprentices feel confident to discern their future in farming.

The season begins with sowing seeds into flats in the greenhouse and pruning outdoors. The focus then turns to the outside work of seeding into the ground, weeding, maintaining crops and harvesting crops. Each apprentice takes on a crop and follows it from seed to harvest. Other opportunities include involvement in Farm Camp, school groups, workshops and leading volunteers. By October, the work begins to shift. The days get shorter and cooler. At this time we begin a 6 week book study. We choose a book related to agriculture and gather together for an hour each week to discuss the readings. This hour is filled with good conversation and reflection. It’s always a great wrap-up to the season. Taking part in member volunteer projects, school groups who visit/volunteer at the farm, CRAFT workshops, cooking seasonally, seed saving, farm visits, discussions around the lunch table, and the day to day experience of farming.

Apprentices will learn

– Basics of crop rotation
– Basics of cover-cropping
– Basic understanding of field maps
– Familiarity with record keeping
– Seed saving – collecting, cleaning, and storing

– Take ownership of harvesting a certain crop and learn how to harvest from it over a period of time
– An understanding of the concept of CSA
– How to create a well-rounded share for the members
– Opportunities with outreach, if interested
– Cooking with seasonal vegetables, preservation and root cellaring
– Become familiar with the bio-dynamic preparations
– Basic pruning skills
– Insect control
– General maintenance involving tools, fences, greenhouses, etc.

Interested individuals should send a resume and a letter outlining goals and interests in agriculture via email/mail to:

Attn: Tim Metcalf
Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm
41B Silver Lake Rd
Blairstown NJ 07825