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March 10, 2013

Hello Garden Members,

Greeting on this snowy late winter morning! Below is an overview of our Core Group Meeting that we held Saturday, March 2nd. We had a great turn-out of about 30 people. Many thanks to all who were able to make it. Since we know there were people who would have like to have been there, below you will find a plan of action which emerged from out discussions.

sts_volunteer_01We have been wanting to re-activate the Core Group because we have some areas where additional help would be appreciated and welcome. The Core Group is, in addition, a way to encourage & support members who have ideas that could foster the “community” aspect of the Community Supported Garden. If you are able to pitch in, we can guarantee you’ll be working on important projects with some great people; if you’re not able at this time, that’s fine too. If you have any questions contact me or Smadar at csgardeninfo@gmail.com

ALSO we do have a fun request for all our members: would you be willing to write a short testimonial about your CSG experience? We would like to feature some more testimonials on our website & similar venues. And, since it’s our 25th anniversary, how ’bout if some of us also pipe in with some interesting or fond recollections of our early years? Thank you! Email to me (liz@lifespeed.net) or Smadar (csgardeninfo@gmail.com). It would be terrific to hear your thoughts.

And, as always, don’t forget to sign up for next year’s share and to encourage others to do the same. This year we have a nice gift — a huge selection of farm goodies — which will go to the members who brings in the most new members. (Just ask the new member to write in your name during the sign-up process.)

Many thanks for being a part of our farm, and for supporting local, sustainable, organic agriculture.

–Liz Marshall for the CSG at Genesis Farm


Here is a summary on areas where we are moving forward with the Core Group. Each area has a contact person to follow up with. While some meeting dates are given below, it’s not always necessary to attend frequent meetings. We often carry out a lot of work via email/phone and in our own homes.


This event will be held at the CSG on Saturday, April 27th and will be an expanded version of our annual open house. In addition to the hayride, tours & food tastings we are planning on a variety of other fun activities for adults and kids. Are you willing to help plan, promote, or contribute to this in some way? The next meeting will be this Monday, March 11, 10 am at the CSG. RSVP with Smadar at csgardeninfo@gmail.com. If you can’t make it but want to be involved, let Smadar know.

2. 25th Anniversary ON THE FARM DINNER CELEBRATION, Fall 2013

We would like to plan a beautiful dinner in the fall. This would feature fine dining, outdoors on our farm, using our food. Great food, great scenery, great people, great wine. If you enjoy planning special events, this is going to be a very special one. We have a meeting planned for Friday, March 22, 2 pm at the Moore Farm (90 Silver Lake Road — our apprentice house). RSVP with Smadar at csgardeninfo@gmail.com. If you can’t make it but want to be involved, let Smadar know.


It is super important that we sell out our shares every year. Can you help with member outreach and retention? Some areas for development include:

  • forming satellite groups in various locations throughout the state (we may start delivering shares to groups with 20+members, including businesses, places of worship, or any group that can gather enough people)
  • recruiting prospective members in new ways, (such as one member who is doing this great cooking demo at her yoga studio) or distributing flyers, or tabling at events
  • printing (everything from t-shirts to brochures)
  • greeting (in Gardenhouse on pickup days)
  • mentoring new members & improving communication
  • developing/maintaining a vibrant social media & media presence
  • planning member-oriented events like potlucks, presentations, etc.
  • documenting farm activities with photos or video

Whew, that’s a long list! But we are getting there. The next Membership committee meeting will be held at the Moore Farm (90 Silver Lake Road) on Friday, March 15th, 2 pm. RSVP with Smadar at csgardeninfo@gmail.com. If you can’t make it but want to be involved or have an idea, let Smadar know.


We believe there are agriculture-related grants that our CSG could be a perfect fit for. Are you interested in helping us identify & write successful grants? Experienced grantwriter & CSG member Lisa Kelly, who has written many successful grants for many organizations, has offered to coordinate an initial grantwriting workshop in April to orient us to the basics. Please email Lisa and she will follow up in the near future. Her email is lisakelly@pitchyourpassion.com. Send her your preference as to whether you would rather schedule this on a weekday day, weekday evening, or weekend in April.


How can we make the CSG even better for our kids? The playground needs work, for one, but there could also be a children’s garden, & other activities or special events. We have a group that will be meeting in the near future. Please email Smadar at csgardeninfo@gmail.com if you’re interested in developing this.


We have a lot of different types of maintenance and repairs, especially with an old farmhouse. This job is currently coordinated by CSG trustee Chris Welles. Work days are convened on an as-needed basis. Right now, the new roof line at the Moore Farmhouse is in the final stages of completion. You can email Chris at welles3@earthlink.net if you are able to pitch in (unskilled help always welcome) or have a special skill in this area.