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squashWhile it seems that life on the farm should be slowing down at this time of year, there is still a lot to do in preparation of the cold winter months. More roots to harvest, lots of garlic “popping” and planting, sauerkraut making, green house walling and planting, meadow mowing and collecting, compost prepping and spreading etc. while tending to the ongoing work of distribution twice a week.

The HARVEST FESTIVAL brought much good energy, friendship and enthusiasm on Oct. 19th. 8000 lbs of carrots were harvested, topped and stored in the root cellar before the sun set. WOW! The evening brought a delicious dinner of many potluck dishes, a roaring warming fire with beautiful melodious voices and guitars around it, a magical sparkling fire hoop performance by Jesse and Heather. Lots of conversations, children’s laughter, so much talent, so many generations, so much fun. Thanks to all who came. Next year same time, same place, save the date!

While the onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and winter squashes are now in storage, there are many more roots to harvest including beets, parsnips, celeriac, rutabagas, radishes and some turnips. On pickup days we will be harvesting from 2pm on and invite anyone who can join us. The more hands, the faster the harvest, the more fun.

Being mindful of what we leave behind for future generations is at the heart of our efforts and stewardship on the farm. We always welcome children to participate, know and love the farm and the land that nourishes us. On Oct. 10th some 20 CSG farm children and their parents harvested and topped 500 lb.s of beets for winter storage. They had more fun than you can imagine and made a difference at the same time! We are planning another children’s gathering in celebration of the season.  Please join us for a lantern walk on Friday November 7th. Kids activities 3-5 (meet at Chan’s to make lanterns, wands, and plant bulbs). Lantern walk @ 5:30. We will walk from the garden house to Chan’s via Daffodil Lane so please wear good walking shoes and warm clothing. This walk connects the fields across the road to Chan’s (CSG’s apprentice house and community space), about a 15 min. walk. Please bring a snack to share. RSVP by 10/31 to let us know how many supplies we will need to gather. Looking forward to sharing a magical time together.

On another note, our dump truck of the past 10 years has now reached retirement. We are looking for a good used 4 wheel drive Mason dump truck, preferably automatic. If you know of one please let us know.

As the summer share season draws to a close please remember that the final Thanksgiving shares are : 

  • Tuesday A-Nov. 18th      
  • Tuesday B-Nov. 25th                                                                  
  • Friday A-Nov. 21st         
  • Friday B- MONDAY Nov. 24th

Lots of fall vegetables at this time of year!

Winter shares begin on Dec. 5th for A and weekly shares, and Dec. 12th for B group. Pickups are from Friday noon to Sat. noon. There are no Tuesday pickups during the winter shares. We always do some shuffling around to keep the distributions even. Schedules will be emailed shortly.

See you at the farm, Smadar