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Dear Shareholder,

As the local food movement explodes in our area, we’ve been reflecting on what makes our CSA at the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm unique and special. In our case, our “community” is more than just a random group of people paying a fee to procure vegetables. We have many “members” who have a strong and in some cases, long involvement with and commitment to our farm. Many of us feel connected to one another because of our common love of good, clean, highly nutritious food and our love and concern for the earth.

sts_volunteer_01Other attractive aspects of our farm are the social and educational opportunities. In addition to our annual open house and harvest festival, we have also had cooking demonstrations, a seed saving talk and workshop, a pancake breakfast, hula dancing lessons, films, pot luck suppers and more. This is a place where individuals and/or families can come with their children and grandchildren as an antidote to some of the undesirable aspects of the modern world. It’s a place to get grounded and be in touch with what’s important.

Because of you, our valued shareholders, we have grown and flourished over these past 25 years. It is at this point in our history that we would like to reach out and ask for your help to keep our vibrant community growing. For those of you who have already reached out, we are most grateful. It is our hope that we will offer more and different programs and activities and to aid in this effort, we plan to reestablish the Core Group Committees.

There are varied opportunities to be involved, some requiring minimal time and effort and, for those who would like greater participation, of course we welcome you too! We hope to tap into the many talents, passions, and interests of our CSA community.

Some areas that need your involvement are:

  • Membership. This includes outreach, mentoring (to new members), pick-up day greeters, open-house, publicity (newspapers, publications etc), social media.
  • Events. This includes (but is not limited to) programs, cooking demonstrations, workshops, festivals, pot lucks.
  • Buildings and Grounds. This covers the upkeep and upgrade of the Moore Farm (CSG property) and maintenance of the garden house and distribution center.
  • Children’s activities. Help plan and implement activities and special events for children and their families.
  • Fundraising/grant writing. Help raise revenue for capital improvements and other expenses not covered by shareholder fees.
  • Special projects, present and future. Our wish list includes construction of an outdoor, wood-fired bread oven and a certified kitchen.

We welcome your input! See what speaks to you and then come speak to us. We look forward to hearing how we can all work together.

Please contact if you are interested in helping out!
Email: csgardeninfo@gmail.com. Garden house phone: 908-362-7486. Or speak to us at the farm!