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We are trying to come up with new ways of being as life’s reality has shifted for now. We have made some changes in the distribution of the vegetables and are asking everyone to be mindful.

We put the contents of each complete individual share in a black basket, and ask people to transfer it into your own bag/basket/box that you bring. When you are done, please leave the empty black basket outside the distribution center where it will be left untouched for at least three days. Don’t leave any extra bags for others to use. Everyone is responsible for their own.

Bring gloves to use in the distribution center if you have. We will have some if you don’t, but would like our supply to last as long as possible over the coming pickups.

Bring your own pen to sign out or email  to let us know you got your share.

Bring exact change if you would like to purchase from our Local Food Source, so no one will need to get change back. Please write your slip with your own pen.

Consider a double share which would halve the number of times you need to come into the distribution center. Email csgardeninfo@gmail.com in advance with schedule alterations if you choose this option.

Keeping social distance in mind as we would like to keep the number of people in the distribution center to a maximum of 4-5 people at a time. Wait until someone comes out to take your turn if it is a busy time. Enjoy the outdoors and all the open space the farm offers.

A sink has been set up outside the distribution center for hand washing.

We use disinfectant in the distribution center before people arrive, and use gloves at all times while harvesting and handling the vegetables.

We have a lot of carrots, beets, potatoes and onions for sale if you know people looking for our very local precious food. They can email csgardeninfo@gmail.com to order.

Many people have fallen on hard times suddenly. Please bring them to our attention so we can help where we are able. We will bag and donate.

All events–workshops, open house, etc.–have been postponed. We will let you know when they are rescheduled.

On another note, the greenhouse is beginning to fill with seedlings, fruit trees are getting early spring pruning, and garlic is popping out of the ground in anticipation of another season on the farm. Shares are available, so please spread the word.

We would like to express the deep gratitude we feel for our farm and the community that it fosters. Thank you for being a part of it!

Be well,
Smadar for the CSG team