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Newsletters – 2013

After the Gala

Oct. 2, 2013 As promised, the Gala celebrating the CSG at Genesis Farm’s 25th anniversary was a memorable enchanted evening with so much to be thankful for. Perfect weather, the large white tent situated in our magnificent fields overlooking the Kittatinny Ridge on...

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In the Garden

It is the beginning of July and for the farm and for us submersed in the growing season the sun is going the other way. Remarkably, the days will be getting shorter. We leave behind a very wet month of June that I believe has helped increase the harvest but at the...

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Spring greetings to all

As I reflect on the 2013 season thus far, I find myself still 'riding the wave' of the Earth Day Celebration and Open House.  I drove home that day realizing how the land was truly celebrated, how it was filled with song, hoops and children, how it's plants and trees...

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Core Group Committees

March 10, 2013 Hello Garden Members, Greeting on this snowy late winter morning! Below is an overview of our Core Group Meeting that we held Saturday, March 2nd. We had a great turn-out of about 30 people. Many thanks to all who were able to make it. Since we know...

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