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Newsletters – 2014

Fall on the Farm

While it seems that life on the farm should be slowing down at this time of year, there is still a lot to do in preparation of the cold winter months. More roots to harvest, lots of garlic "popping" and planting, sauerkraut making, green house walling and planting,...

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6 Tips For Using Your Entire CSG Share

By Betsy Harvin I've been a shareholder for 14 years and here are some tips based on my experience and from advice from the gardeners and other shareholders: 1. I still get home sometimes after picking up my share and can’t identify one of the unusual greens or root...

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What’s Happening at the CSG

Gone with the wind: Happy New Year! We hope you have been weathering our rough winter weather. Unfortunately, this month’s Polar Vortex shredded the plastic on our largest greenhouse and froze about half of the plants growing within. These large climatic events can...

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Lara Greenspan, June 19, 1949 – January 5, 2014

This poem honors our longtime friend, the naturalist and chef Lara Greenspan, (1949-2014), whose life was intertwined for decades with the CSG. Her niece, Cory Kantin, penned this beautiful poetry and read it at the memorial on Saturday Poem to Aunt Lara The forest...

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