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What is Bok Choy?

Bok Choy is a cruciferous vegetable and a member of the cabbage family. It is a mild green with a stalky bottom and dark green leaves, and can be enjoyed raw or cooked.


Why eat Bok Choy?

First of all it is high in Vitamin A, C, and K, not to mention magnesium, calcium, and iron. Second, since it is a mild tasting green, bok choy is a great vegetable to cook for those picker eaters who could use a little more leafy greens in their diet.


How do I cook Bok Choy?

Not to worry! Bok choy is a simple green to work into recipes. It can be stir fried, steamed, braised, or used raw in salads or cole slaw. Bok choy can be cut similarly to celery, beginning by cutting the root stem off, and then chopping the stalk at whatever width all the way through the greens. Especially with CSG bok choy, it is especially helpful to pull the stalks apart when washing, as dirt tends to hide down near the base of the plant. When cooking, it is best to add the white stems 3-7 minutes earlier than the greens so they have time to soften up adequately.


Bok choy can be a great substitute for nearly any other cooking green in a recipe (kale, Swiss chard, escarole, endive, spinach). Here are a few below that bok choy could easily be added to:

Veggie Fried Rice

Kale and Polenta Pie

White Bean and Escarole Soup

All About Bok Choy
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All About Bok Choy
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