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We hope you are thinking about signing up at the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm for 2013 — our 25th Anniversary Year — if you haven’t already. The CSG has a new online sign-up system for the spring 2013 to winter 2014 season.

It’s fun! It’s easy! You can sign up right now by clicking the green “Join Now” button. We now accept online credit card payments, or you can still mail in a check. If you have any questions about it, email Liz or Smadar.  If you don’t use a computer, contact us about signing up the old-fashioned way.

photo farm extras2Please consider inviting your friends, family or neighbors to join. We know we have an extraordinary operation here that is one of the first CSAs in the country and unlike any other… but with so many different types of CSAs breaking ground in the Garden State, it’s getting more and more important for us to proactively spread the word. Our best advertising has always been word-of-mouth, so you easily help support our entire community with a little networking.

This year, as a token of thanks, the member who recruits the most new or former members will receive a collection of our farm’s “extras” — flour, grains, colorful beans, honey, eggs, bread made with our grains, a cookbook and other goodies (see photo). Just ask the new members to include your name in the “How did you hear about us?” field when they sign up so we know you sent them.

Thank you, as always, for supporting local, sustainable agriculture.

Liz Marshall
for the CSG at Genesis Farm