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The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, one of the first and most developed CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture projects) in the country, has memberships available. This is a great time to renew or become a new member. Beginning in May, members will receive their first “share” of what the farm produces. Our greenhouses are brimming with seedlings, much promise and anticipation of what’s to come. A full membership at the beginning of our season benefits everyone.

Please help us reach our membership goals by downloading and posting this flyer in your community!

By joining our CSA, you form a beneficial relationship with the land, the plants and the farmers who grow your food. Our CSA grows diverse, delicious and healthy produce, never using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and no GMO! Our goal is to grow the best food for you while protecting the water and soil for future generations. When you commit to a membership, you give stability to the farm, nourish your family and help keep local, sustainable agriculture alive.

So download and post at your library, work, house of worship, health food store, where ever you think it will be seen by potentially interested people. Then send an email to csgardeninfo@gmail.com to let us know where you put the flyer so we can track for future planning.

Thank you so much for helping the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm reach its membership goals in our 25th season!