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There are no pickups the first two weeks of May as we are busy cultivating, seeding, transplanting, and tending to spring work around the farm. Schedules for the new season were emailed last week and you can find them here. If you didn’t receive yours ,please let me know asap.

Our hens are back in the fields across the road, laying lots of beautiful colorful eggs so if you would like to buy some before your next scheduled pickup let me know, we will arrange to have them in the distribution center with your name on them.

From our beautiful land we get year round vegetables, herbs, flowers, some fruit, eggs, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, honey, apple cider vinegar, and bread. We are also a delivery drop off location for other organic local products, which is our way of supporting small local organic farmers and at the same time offering convenience to those of you wishing to source organic food that we don’t grow, directly from the farmers.

A young enthusiastic Amish farmer Melvin, makes monthly deliveries to the farm, including organic 100% grass fed meats, and dairy products. If you wish to be on his email list let me know. You order directly from him, and pay him directly, we are a drop off location.

We are also a drop off location for member Meredith Acly’s Aspen Ridge CSA that supplies organic chicken and other products also using the most responsible loving organic methods. Again, you order directly from her, pay her, we are just a drop off location. Let me know if you’d like to be connected.

It’s been a long hard winter, we are all looking forward to the new season. Celebrating our 30th anniversary as a CSA, we have exciting plans for cooking workshops, an evening of music/open mike, Farm Stories for our younger members, Farm to Table Event in the Fields, potlucks, our annual Harvest Festival in October, and other community fun. Farm Camp is the week of July 16-20th for children 5 to twelve. Jen has set up a recipe section in our website, Lisa will keep our website updated, so feel free to visit it for farm news, schedules and inspirations.

Thank you for participating in our farm community, we wouldn’t be here without you!