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Why A CSA?

All of us are increasingly aware that the present state of farming in the United States and around the world is in serious difficulty. Agribusiness, with its chemical-intensive , industrialized methods of crop production is replacing agriculture, with its small human-scale and diversified character and its commitment to place and community.

With only 2% of Americans actually producing food for the other 98%, people are increasingly separated from the source of their food and from the understanding of the vital relationships that connect people, food, soils and health.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a creative response to this crisis. It offers an opportunity for a community of people to take greater responsibility for their social and community relationships by mutually supporting their own farm. It sees their food source as an essential part of their lives. In turn, the farm supports them and provides not only nutritious chemical-free food, but an opportunity to grow in friendship, mutual support, and a commitment to restore the soils, air and water through their choices and decisions.

It’s About More than Just Vegetables!

Fresh, clean, healthy, local food is the primary reason most people are drawn to Community Supported Agriculture. While this is a fine motivation in and of itself, there are also other important reasons why our CSG is a good choice.

Membership not only entitles you to a share in the produce, but also allows our farmers to focus on growing life-giving food for people they know rather that for an impersonal market. With the bottom line secured, growing decisions stem from what’s good for the land rather than from the dictates of economics.

The CSG community is not simply pre-buying vegetables; it is also helping to support itself through the running of a farm. The direct link between members and farmers puts the “culture” back in “agriculture.” As a result, our community begins to reconnect to the earth and to each other.

We welcome all members, including children, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the farm!