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The Shareholder Experience

This farming community is composed of the most responsible and dedicated group of people it has ever been my good fortune to know. Going to the farm for pick up (of vegetable shares), to volunteer for a few hours of work, or just to visit is a mini retreat into a world in balance. Not that this is a group of well-meaning idealists; it is a well-managed farm, as evidenced by the diversity, the quality, and the quantity of vegetables that it consistently produces.

Wayne Miller

My husband and I have been members of the CSG at Genesis Farm for over a decade. We can’t say enough good things about this place! The food is delicious and fresh from the fields. The farmers and entire staff treat you like family. And, we have gotten to know many of the members and formed lasting friendships. Our son loves to run and play with his “farm friends” and enjoys staying for the day. If you have not checked it out yet, I highly encourage it. You will be glad you did!

Nicole Rose

The vegetables are unparalleled in their beauty, nutritional content and taste. We enjoy the wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers grown at the farm as well as the many local artisanal foods available. There is a warm and vibrant community associated with the CSG with whom we feel comfortable and connected. A visit to the farm is not only an opportunity to get first rate food, but also a place to get grounded and refreshed, I highly recommend it!

Sheri Raupp

I’ve been splitting shares with friends for more than a decade and love the farm, the volunteers and farmers who keep the place running, and of course the bounty of the land. At first, I wasn’t used to having so much fresh produce in the house and there was a host of unfamiliar vegetables. It’s been a great way to try new vegetables and explore healthier eating. Every season there are old favorites mixed with a few new surprises. Now I have my own share and eat every leaf.

Unlike many CSAs, at Genesis there’s the option for a Winter Share. The farm plants many long keeping root vegetables, makes sauerkraut, and has some heated greenhouses for some fresh hearty greens when the temps aren’t too cold. I love also the Genesis has connected its members to other producers and merchants that support sustainable agriculture and organic living. It’s truly a community.

Donna Ryan

My family have been members at the Genesis CSG since we moved to NJ in 2000. As well as the wonderful food, which speaks for itself, and in addition to the hard-working, dedicated farmers, we found a fascinating and caring community that share our values – making do, investing in green technology, living lightly, and looking out for each other.

Philip Wooldridge

I joined the Genesis Farm 5 years ago and can’t see myself without it. It is such a mind relaxer to know that what I am eating and what I am giving my kids has nothing more than the pure vegetable or fruit that is on the plate. I have not only enjoyed eating these marvelous vegetables but have enjoyed cooking them and figuring out what some of them are! Going to the farm and taking my children there is always a day’s trip with a picnic included and a nice chat with the farm’s personnel.

Carola Garcia Manzano

My family joined when my son Jake was 4. He’s now 18. We’ve been members all along. Indeed, the food is glorious and the place is beautiful. The piece de resistance for me has been the time my son spends in conversation with others as he helps weed or harvest. The Genesis farmers and the apprentices so carefully chosen just get it, year after year: how to chat casually with my son in a way that makes him interested in and trusting of the world and feel good about himself. It worked when he was 4 and it still works: now I make him leave his technology in the car and push him out the car door when we arrive at Genesis. He wanders off sullenly and returns refreshed. Every time. What a gift.

Betsy Harvin

My family has enjoyed vegetables we’d never had before and I would never have ventured to try from the market. Thank you Genesis for expanding our food horizons! I need to share that I had chef friends over for dinner (a daunting experience I must say) and they commented on the quality of the greens I used for a salad. And at that point the greens were almost 2 weeks old! Join Genesis. It’ll be one of the best food choices you make!

Marcy Needle

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the CSA at Genesis Farm for over 20 years. There is a very friendly atmosphere and an outstanding sense of community among the gardeners and the members. The organic vegetables are high-quality and always fresh-picked. Another advantage of being a member is that it has encouraged me to ‘eat my veggies’, which before joining I rarely took the time to buy and prepare. Also the farm has also introduced me to many great vegetables that I had never eaten, and indeed some of which I was totally unfamiliar.

Mike Chrysam

We have been members for 4 years and love it. We know we are getting fresh, un-gmo’d, un-pesticided veggies. We have been introduced to new and varied produce that we probably would not have found in our local stores or thought of trying. The staff is extremely helpful; when we did not know how to use something, they gave us excellent cooking instructions and advice. We love knowing that we are supporting a fine organization. I would highly recommend Genesis Farm to anyone and everyone. Thank you Genesis.

Nancy Green

So this is the way vegetables and fruit really taste . . . The first time I tasted the CSG’s produce, I was magically transported back in time to my grandparent’s dinner table. “Yes,” I thought, “that is how vegetables and fruit really taste.” The taste of the CSG’s produce makes the meal! We’ve been members for several years now and still every time we take this first bite, we nod our heads in wonder and appreciation. Thank you for the entire team and all members who make this possible.

David Rozen

The quality of the produce drives me to be a better cook. As a die-hard omnivore, the CSG could turn me into a vegetarian. Please don’t tell anyone.

Andre deWaal

Chef and Owner, Dre's Restaurant, Newton, and Andre's, Sparta

Being a member over the past 20 years has shaped who I am, how I eat, how I teach and how I look at the world.

Lisa Masi

Each week we take walks, play on the playground, pick flowers, fruits and/or vegetables, visit with other members and just relax. We go home with a basket filled with the best tasting, freshest produce, all of which was grown with such care and love. I can’t think of any other way that I would want my family to spend each Friday afternoon.

Flora Schubert