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Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Apprentice Program

The Apprenticeship Program offers a hands-on learning experience on a production-oriented farm providing food for 300 families. Apprentices receive room and board, stipend, shared lunches and educational opportunities.

Joe English Recovery Fund – Medical, Travel, Living Expenses

Smadar’s husband, Joe English, was injured in a car crash on Oct. 22. He is still in the ICU making slow but steady progress toward recovery.

Smadar and her entire family need our help through recovery. Please consider helping them–thank you!

The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm is legendary and world-renowned.

True to the pure CSA model.

One of the first in the country.

Our community shares with the farmers the bounty AND the risk of producing our food.

Pure, clean, delicious, nutritious food grown with biodynamic principles and lots of love — and without chemicals.

You don’t just join a CSA when you join our farm; you join our family.

CSA since 1988: 30 Years and Still Growing . . .

Since 1988, the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm has provided an opportunity for a community of people to take responsibility for supporting a farm. While sharing the abundance and the costs of cultivating our food in a healthy way, we are also increasing the fertility of the soil and enhancing the quality of our relationships to the land and to each other.