The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm is legendary and world-renowned.

True to the pure CSA model.

One of the first in the country.

Our community shares with the farmers the bounty AND the risk of producing our food.

Pure, clean, delicious, nutritious food grown with biodynamic principles and lots of love — and without chemicals.

You don’t just join a CSA when you join our farm; you join our family.

Volunteer as a Distribution Center Greeter

We count on our Greeters to keep the Distribution Center friendly and organized. Being a Greeter is fun and rewarding! You get to spend a couple of hours at the farm, meeting shareholders and being an integral part of the farm’s operations.

We invite you to sign-up for a time slot to greet. Volunteers are needed on pick-up days, Tuesdays and Fridays, mid-May through November. The volunteer shifts are:

  • 12 PM-2 PM
  • 2 PM-4 PM
  • 4 PM-6 PM.

We use a volunteer management site called SignUp Genius. Click on the logo to volunteer for your time slots.

Calling All Teens! Come and get your hands and feet dirty and your appetites filled during this week-long workshop on how to build a cob oven for baking your own pizzas and bread! Participants will build the oven using cob, a natural building method of mixing clay, sand, water, and straw, As the oven is drying, teens will help grind the wheat, make the dough, make the pizza sauce from freshly picked tomatoes, herbs, and harvest toppings to create one-of-a-kind farm pizzas! SIGN UP for this unique opportunity!

August 8th- 12th , 9 AM- 1 PM     Age: 12- 16   Workshop Cost : $160 per person

For more information and registration contact Smadar at or call (908) 362- 7486

CSA since 1988: 28 Years and Still Growing . . .

Since 1988, the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm has provided an opportunity for a community of people to take responsibility for supporting a farm. While sharing the abundance and the costs of cultivating our food in a healthy way, we are also increasing the fertility of the soil and enhancing the quality of our relationships to the land and to each other.